Accelerating neurotechnology for human benefit

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If you have an innovative idea for disruptive neurotechnology that could restore lost brain functions and improve quality of life, please contact us and start the conversation.


The Wyss Center provides access to four advanced neuroscience and engineering platforms, as well as the integrated clinical, regulatory and business resources required to guide high risk, high return projects on their journey from research to solution.

Seeking support

The Wyss Center supports projects that can make full use of our capabilities and resources and fit our mission to accelerate the development of neurotechnology for human benefit.

We target innovative concepts that have clearly stated and well justified potential to reach clinical applications. We are especially interested in technology enabled, innovative treatment strategies in neurorehabilitation and neurorestoration in the motor and cognitive domains, but all areas of nervous system function or disease are potentially of interest.

A critical feature of all supported research is the ability to identify a key question or technology that is essential to advance a concept.

Questions can be fundamental or translational, as long as the research or technology development can be readily justified as essential steps in the development of novel, innovative solutions to real world problems and address an unmet need.

Projects typically combine neuroscience, engineering and clinical efforts with multidisciplinary teams.

IP will be negotiated with the home organization with the inventor’s rights fully considered.

If you are an individual or a member of an organization seeking support for your project, your first step is to check our qualification criteria and project requirements.

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Qualification criteria

Your project idea will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Disruptive technology with potential to make significant impact
  • Outside typical research support mechanisms
  • Evident path to real world application
  • In need of support for a crucial step to advance
Start the conversation

The submission of a letter of intent is the start of an exchange around the scientific and technical aspects of your project to ensure that all project requirements have been taken into account and that the project is suitable for integration within the Wyss Center.

Download the Letter of Intent template
Streamlined process

The letter of intent form is designed to streamline and standardise the application process.
All applications will be reviewed by experts from a range of fields including neurotechnology development, innovation, venture capital financing and entrepreneurship.
The level of support awarded is determined by the stage of the project and specific needs, and is at the discretion of the Wyss Center management. Funds for postdoctoral fellows or visiting experts from faculty or industry may also be available.

The next steps

The Wyss Center supports the development of neurotechnology solutions from concept as far as entry into commercialization. Late stage technology development is typically at a phase requiring support beyond Wyss funding. This next phase may include licensing, joint ventures with a company, sale, or venture – or blended – funding as a startup. If the Wyss Center supports your project, the management must be fully informed of your commercial interests and must participate in this exit process.

Project review

Accepted Wyss Center projects are subject to six monthly and annual reviews against pre-defined milestones. Projects may be refined or terminated according to the outcome of the review.


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