Accelerating neurotechnology for human benefit


A round-up of neurotechnology conferences and events. 

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Event name Date Location Wyss involvement
First Copenhagen Neurorehabilitation Conference 09.10.2017 Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark Director, John Donoghue giving keynote lecture
Neurotechnology Industry Organization Conference 03.10.2017 Campus Biotech Co-organiser
Rehab Week 2017 17.07.2017 London, England Attending
Prof. Dr. Christo Pantev - Cortical Reorganisation and Treatment of Chronic Tinnitus 07.06.2017 Campus Biotech H8-01 144.165 Hosting
OptoDBS 2017 22.06.2017 Campus Biotech, Geneva John Donoghue leading discussion on 'New techniques and closed loop systems'
International Neuromodulation Society 13th World Congress 27.05.2017 Edinburgh, Scotland Exhibiting
International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering 25.05.2017 Shanghai, China Attending
CISA open doors and Nuit des Musées. 20.05.2017 Campus Biotech Exhibiting
Distinguished Lectures in Neuroprosthetics Paul Sauseng Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, GE 24.04.2017 Campus Biotech, H8 Auditorium Supporting event
Bertarelli Symposium 2017 07.04.2017 Campus Biotech
Distinguished Lectures in Neuroprosthetics Tobias Moser Institute for Auditory Neuroscience & InnerEarLab, University Medical Center Goettingen, GE 05.04.2017 Campus Biotech, H8 Auditorium Supporting event
Using organ-on-a-chip technology to reduce animal testing 04.04.2017 Campus Biotech Co-organiser
Mayo Clinic Symposium on the BRAIN Initiative 31.03.2017 Rochester, Minnesota, US
World Neuroscience Innovation Forum 27.03.2017 London, England
Brain and Cognition Seminar. Giovanni Mirabella 21.03.2017 salle 190.158l, Auditorium Campus Biotech
Brain and Cognition Seminar. Nicola Molinaro 14.03.2017 salle 190.158l, Auditorium Campus Biotech
Smart Systems Integration International Conference 08.03.2017 Cork, Ireland Attending
Brain and Cognition Seminar. Elisa Filevich 07.03.2017 salle 190.158l, Auditorium Campus Biotech
Israel Brain Tech 06.03.2017 Tel Aviv, Israel Prof Birbaumer presenting
Brain and Cognition Seminar. Friedhelm Hummel 28.02.2017 salle 190.158l, Auditorium Campus Biotech
Distinguished Lectures in Neuroprosthetics - Colette McKay Bionics Institute, Melbourne 27.02.2017 Campus Biotech, H8 Auditorium Supporting event
Human Neuroscience Platform visit 21.02.2017 Campus Biotech
Project presentation seminar of HNP 06.02.2017 Campus Biotech H4.02 room 232.080
Swiss Society of Neuroscience annual meeting 27.01.2017 Basel Sponsor
Brain computer Interfaces in complete paralysis: We need a motor theory of thinking 25.01.2017 SV1717, EPFL, Lausanne Wyss Fellow, Prof Birbaumer presenting
NANS 2017 ANNUAL MEETING 19.01.2017 Las Vegas, USA
NYC Neuromodulation 2017 13.01.2017 New York City, USA
Alpine Brain Imaging Meeting 08.01.2017 Champéry, Switzerland
Geneva-Princeton learning workshop 06.01.2017 Campus Biotech
Brain and Cognition Seminar - Prof. Rainer Goebel - Maastricht University. Decoding neuronal activity patterns using functional MRI: From basic research at ultra-high magnetic fields to therapeutic real-time applications 20.12.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
Neurobiology of social behaviour - Mini Symposium 19.12.2016 Geneva, CMU, 7è étage, salle C07.1732
Wyss Investigators Symposium 13.12.2016 Campus Biotech Organizer
Brain and Cognition Seminar - Psychological engineering of preferences for insects: Using the price-quality heuristic to promote the liking of mealworms 13.12.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
BMI Symposium - Connectivity and plasticity of neural circuits 12.12.2016 EPFL
Epilepsy - The Great Teacher. Dr Rees Cosgrove 09.12.2016 15:00-16:00 Campus Biotech H8-01 Rm 144.165 Hosting speaker
IMAPS 07.12.2016 Lyon, France CTO Claude Clement presenting
Brain and Cognition Seminar - Invariants behind tactile illusions and other mechanical niceties 06.12.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
Project Presentation Seminar of the Human Neuroscience Platform 05.12.2016 15:00 hrs in Campus Biotech B1-06 (same place as the Learn & Lunch)
General meeting of the CIN/Master students in neuroscience day 05.12.2016 16:00 hrs in Campus Biotech H8-01 (hall)
Lemanic Women in Neuroscience - Career development perspectives 01.12.2016 CMU, Geneve, Auditoire 160 (building B, 1st floor)
Brain and Cognition Seminar - Anniversary Symposium of the Brain & Behaviour Laboratory 29.11.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
Plasticity after stroke - Lemanic neuroscience symposium 24.11.2016 Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève Event sponsor. Visit our booth
Brain and Cognition Seminar - Neuropsychiatry of social knowledge and moral motivation 22.11.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
CSEM Business Day 16.11.2016 Zürich CTO Claude Clement moderator
Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 12.11.2016 San Diego, CA, US Visit our exhibition stand
American Society of Neurorehabilitation (ASNR) 10.11.2016 San Diego, CA, US
Brain and Cognition Seminar - Neural bases of hemispheric specialization: recent results from the Bain Imaging Lateralization database (BIL&GIN) 08.11.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
Human Neuroscience Platform Project Presentation Seminar 07.11.2016 Campus Biotech B1-06 at 15:00
EPFL Portes Ouvertes 03.11.2016 EPFL, Lausanne Part of Campus Biotech public exhibition
BioAlps Networking Day 2016 02.11.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland Event sponsor and CTO Claude Clement presenting
Brain and Cognition Seminar - Impacts of motivational, associated, and inherent emotional valence on visual sensory processing: evidence from event-related brain potentials (ERPs) 01.11.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
Software Sustainability: putting practice first - Neil Chue Hong 25.10.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva / B1, 6th floor
International Conference on NeuroRehabilitation 18.10.2016 Segovia, Spain Attending
Brain and Cognition Seminar - Cognitive dis-integration, agency and attachment 18.10.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
Night Watch in One Brain Hemisphere during Sleep Associated with the First-Night Effect in Humans 17.10.2016 Campus Biotech, Seminar Room H4-02 232.080
Conako 2016 - Junior Chamber of Commerce 15.10.2016 Solothurn CTO Claude Clement presenting
BMI seminar - Shaping activity patterns in V1: TMS-induced plasticity and context-dependent dynamics 12.10.2016 Campus Biotech, Room B1 4 257.050
Brain and Cognition Seminar - Characterization of brain tissue microstructure with quantitative MRI, a new opportunity for neuroscience research 11.10.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
Brain and Cognition Seminar - Invariants behind tactile illusions and other mechanical niceties 04.10.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
EPFL Bioengineering Day 2016 28.09.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
3rd Congress of the Swiss Federation of Clinical Neuro-Societies (SFCNS) 28.09.2016 Basel Attending
The extended amygdala – what it is and how it regulates responses to predictable and unpredictable threat 28.09.2016 video link to B1 6 257.050 (Campus Biotech)
David Leitman, Department of Psychiatry-Neuropsychiatry program, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania 27.09.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
Cerveau Connecté, Cerveau Déconnecté - An introduction to BCI 17.09.2016 Château de Vaumarcus, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Role of attention and reward in perceptual learning - Takeo Watanabe 17.09.2016 CMU Room , seminar room C07.1732 11am - noon
Tech Startups Financing: The Unicorn Era 15.09.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland Organized by the Wyss Center
Débat • Le cerveau: des neurosciences au neuropouvoir 13.09.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
The Emergence of Children's Emotions: Learning, Development, Biology, and Risk 13.09.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
Neurotrophic factor gene delivery for neurodegenerative diseases: still a promising clinical paradigm? 12.09.2016 CHUV, Auditoire Alexandre Yersin, Lausanne, Switzerland
Neurotechnologies in health applications 09.09.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
Lemanic Neuroscience Annual Meeting (LNAM'16) 02.09.2016 Les Diablerets, Switzerland
Biointerfaces International 2016 23.08.2016 University of Zurich, Switzerland
Summer School on Neurophysiology and Neuroscience for Neural and Biomedical Engineering 15.08.2016 Zermatt, Switzerland Director, John Donoghue presenting
Interactions between pain, body perception and movement 19.07.2016 H4 2 232.080 Campus Biotech, Switzerland
FENS Forum 02.07.2016 Copenhagen, Denmark Visit our exhibition stand
IEEE BioRob2016 26.06.2016 Singapore Institute for Neurotechnology Director, John Donoghue to give plenary session
Inartis Network - Crossing borders to benefit patients 24.06.2016 Zürich, Switzerland CTO, Claude Clément presenting
The Brain Forum 26.05.2016 Lausanne, Switzerland Visit our exhibition stand
State of the Brain 22.05.2016 Alpbach, Austria Director, John Donoghue presenting on Wednesday 25
3rd DNF Symposium - Evolution of the brain 19.05.2016 Lausanne, Switzerland
WIRED Health 29.04.2016 London, England Director John Donoghue, invited speaker
Life Sciences Innovation Hotspot 26.04.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland CTO Claude Clément giving keynote presentation
[MEET THE EXPERT] Implants 2016 25.04.2016 Interlaken, Switzerland CTO Claude Clément giving keynote presentation on Monday morning
The Neurobiology of Mental Health 07.04.2016 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland