John Donoghue to speak at WIRED Health 2016

Wyss Center director to join other extraordinary innovators at international health event

Wyss Center Director John Donoghue will join other groundbreaking invited speakers at the WIRED Health 2016 event in London on Friday 29 April.

The event is a showcase for extraordinary innovators using technology to re-imagine the health sector. From diagnostics and neuroscience, to data-driven healthcare and new material sciences helping to rebuild the human body.

It is designed to encourage disruptive thinking and innovation and introduces, explains and predicts trends in the medical and personal healthcare industries.

Professor Donoghue will open the ‘Unlocking the brain’ session at 09.50 on Friday 29 April with detail on the BrainGate technology which enables paralysed people to control robotic limbs using their minds. He’s will also expand on current Wyss Center projects which range from exploring brain stimulation for people with dyslexia to building bionic eyes and haptic prosthetics.

The annual one-day event is attended by thought leaders from across the health sector including senior healthcare executives, innovators and investors.

The Innovation Zone at WIRED Health allows delegates to get hands-on with the latest products and concepts in the sector.

Highlights or full videos of presentations will be made available on WIRED’s online channels.

WIRED Health line up.