Second annual Wyss Investigators Symposium

Neurotechnology for human benefit

Wyss Center supported investigators gathered at Campus Biotech on Monday 4 December for the second annual Wyss Investigators Symposium.

A live on-stage demo set the scene at the event which gives investigators the opportunity to present their projects, update the community on progress, share ideas and develop new ones.

The audience heard talks based on the major themes of the day including advanced technology translation, precision stroke rehabilitation with neurotechnology, and technology enabled diagnostics and therapeutics.

A new immersive virtual reality (VR) experience which offers a unique way to visualize and interact with large volumes of 3D anatomical brain data, like that produced by the Wyss Center’s custom built lightsheet microscope, was also presented.

Follow up conversations, a reception and portes ouvertes for the Humain Connecté neurotechnology exhibition along with an opportunity for attendees to try out the VR brain visualization demo for themselves finished off the day.