Brain Awareness Week 2019

Don’t miss interviews with the Wyss Center team all this week.

In celebration of Brain Awareness Week (11-17 March 2019), we will give you a sneak peek into the lives of the some of the Wyss Center team. Find out how they came to work in neurotech and where they think we’ll see the greatest advances in the coming years. Check back regularly!

From restoring movement in paralyzed limbs to reducing tinnitus through thought, this series of interviews with the Wyss Center leadership, neuroscientists and robotics experts will put cutting edge neurotechnology in the spotlight. Discover how this emerging field can help people with nervous system disorders and discover the big challenges to be overcome before new concepts can be made available for everyone.

And finally, our last interview of the week is with:

Dr Giulia Spigoni, Clinical Research Specialist and Project Manager

Next up is:

Dr. Brenna Argall, roboticist and Visiting Fellow

Don’t miss Monday’s interview with:

Dr. Tracy Laabs, neuroscientist and Deputy Director of the Wyss Center