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We develop devices that diagnose or restore lost brain functions and improve quality of life. Get in touch if you need support to turn  your neurotech idea into reality

We welcome informal inquiries

We are now looking for projects that fill technical gaps in our current programs. Check back often as we continuously assess and update our needs.

We are currently seeking:

  • Novel encapsulation technologies for long-term implantation
  • Implantable connector technologies that enable more modular implantable systems
  • Novel methods of powering implantable devices
  • Innovative methods of thermoregulation for implantable devices
  • Innovative strategies for neural decoding of human data

Qualification criteria

Your application for support will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Fills a technical need in an existing Wyss Center program
  • Is ready to translate into clinical technology
  • Established design or proof of concept
  • Freedom to operate without infringing existing IP

Detailed project requirements

Start the conversation

We welcome informal inquiries. Let us know how your idea meets our qualification criteria via email before submitting a full application for support.

Apply for support

The submission of an application for support is the start of a scientific and technical exchange to ensure that your idea is suitable for integration into the Wyss Center program structure.

Project application instructions

All applications are reviewed by subject experts. The level of support awarded is determined by the specific needs of the project, and is at the discretion of the Wyss Center management.

IP is negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the home organization. The inventor’s rights are fully considered.

We support projects as far as proof of principle in human trials and then exit prior to commercialization. This next phase may include licensing, joint ventures with a company, sale, or spin out as a startup.

We support development of devices or device components, we do not support drug development.

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