A round-up of neurotechnology conferences and events. 

To find out what is coming up at Campus Biotech, view the neuroscience events calendar.

For information on neuroscience seminar series taking place in the Lake Geneva region visit our seminar series page.

Coming Events

Events Date Location Wyss involvement
12th Applied Biosafety Meeting 23/08/2018 Lugano Corinne Brana attending
BIOROB 2018 26/08/2018 University of Twente, The Netherlands Martina Coscia attending
European Congress on Epileptology 26/08/2018 Vienna George Kouvas attending
Micro18 30/08/2018 Neuchâtel Claude Clement presenting
EPFL Grant-making Foundation Days 06/09/2018 Lausanne Claude Clement presenting
Active Implantable Medical Device (AIMD) Summit on regulatory and clinical trends 12/09/2018 Campus Biotech, Geneva Co-organiser
Colloque international: Ethique et responsabilité sociale dans le traitement des malades chroniques en phase aiguë 14/09/2018 Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg Niels Birbaumer presenting
CSEM, Microfluidics and Microenvironment Workshop 2018 14/09/2018 Basel Claude Clement attending
New Scientist Live 20/09/2018 London Presenting and exhibiting
Cell – NERF neurotechnologies symposium 30/09/2018 Leuven, Belgium John Donoghue co-organiser
ILMAC 03/10/2018 Lausanne Claude Clement attending
Symposium pour le 20ème Anniversaire du Service de Neurorééducation 04/10/2018 Auditoire Marcel Jenny, HUG Niels Birbaumber speaking
Neurotech Leaders Forum 15/10/2018 Burlingame, San Francisco Claude Clement attending
ICNR 2018 16/10/2018 Pisa, Italy Martina Coscia attending
COMSOL conference 2018 22/10/2018 Lausanne Jorge Morales attending
Alpine High-Tech Venture Forum 2018 23/10/2018 Lausanne Claude Clement attending
SfN 2018 (3 – 7 Nov) 03/11/2018 San Diego Exhibiting
Medica 2018 12/11/2018 Düsseldorf, Germany Claude Clement attending
IEEE CPMT (Components, Packaging, Manufacturing Technology Society) Symposium 2018 19/11/2018 Kyoto, Japan Jorge Morales attending
IMAPS, Advanced Technology Workshop on Advanced Packaging for Medical Microelectronics 22/01/2019 San Diego Claude Clement presenting

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