A round-up of neurotechnology conferences and events. 

To find out what is coming up at Campus Biotech, view the neuroscience events calendar.

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Coming Events

Events Date Location Wyss involvement
Brain & Cognition seminar – talk by Pascal Fries 24/04/2018 Auditorium, Campus Biotech
IEEE Switzerland Annual General Assembly 25/04/2018 Campus Biotech, H8-01-D Hosting event and Claude Clément presenting
Neurotech Investing and Partnering Conference 01/05/2018 Boston, US Claude Clement attending
MicroNanoFabrication – Annual Review Meeting – EPFL 08/05/2018 Lausanne, Switzerland Jorge Morales attending
Brain & Cognition Seminar – talk by Jakob Heinzle, Computational models of eye movements – Towards applications in psychiatry? 08/05/2018 Auditorium, Campus Biotech
Brain & Cognition Seminar – talk by Gemma Modinos, GABAergic inhibitory circuits and schizophrenia 15/05/2018 Auditorium, Campus Biotech
Journée HES-SO Diagnostic Biochips 18/05/2018 Etoy, Vaud
Brain & Cognition Seminar – talk by Jan Plamper, Sounds of February, Smells of October: A Sensory History of the Russian Revolution 22/05/2018 Auditorium, Campus Biotech
Brain & Cognition Seminar – talk by Géraldine Rauchs 29/05/2018 Auditorium, Campus Biotech
ECSA 2018 03/06/2018 Geneva, Switzerland Jo Bowler presenting
2018 Translational Neuroscience and Neural Engineering Summer Workshop 04/06/2018 Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, USA Supporting
18th European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting 05/06/2018 Dublin, Ireland Laura Batti attending
AI Everywhere 05/06/2018 Zurich, Switzerland Claude Clement & Jo Bowler attending. Presentation & exhibition
Brain & Cognition Seminar – talk by Caroline MacCann, Is emotional intelligence involved in appraisal, coping, and emotion processes? 05/06/2018 Auditorium, Campus Biotech
ECSITE 07/06/2018 CICG, Geneva, Switzerland Exhibiting and Jo Bowler attending
The Nordic Conference on Microelectronics Packaging 12/06/2018 Oulu, Finland Claude Clement presenting
Brain & Cognition Seminar – talk by Franz Vollenweider 12/06/2018 Auditorium, Campus Biotech
2018 Organization for Human Brain Mapping 17/06/2018 Singapore Ali Zaidi attending
Neural Interfaces Conference (NIC) 25/06/2018 Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Brain & Cognition Seminar – talk by Tim Wharton, Language and emotion: T he problem of expressive meaning 26/06/2018 Auditorium, Campus Biotech
11th FENS Forum of Neuroscience 2018 (7 – 11 July) 07/07/2018 Berlin, Germany Exhibiting
Nuit de la Sciences (7 – 8 July) 07/07/2018 Campus Biotech Participating
BIOROB 2018 26/08/2018 University of Twente, The Netherlands Martina Coscia attending
New Scientist Live 20/09/2018 London Presenting and exhibiting
Cell – NERF neurotechnologies symposium 30/09/2018 Leuven, Belgium John Donoghue co-organiser
Symposium pour le 20ème Anniversaire du Service de Neurorééducation 04/10/2018 Auditoire Marcel Jenny, HUG Niels Birbaumber speaking
ICNR 2018 16/10/2018 Pisa, Italy Martina Coscia attending
SfN 2018 (3 – 7 Nov) 03/11/2018 San Diego Exhibiting

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