A round-up of neurotechnology conferences and events. 

For information on neuroscience seminar series taking place in the Lake Geneva region visit our seminar series page.

Coming Events

Events Date Location Wyss involvement
13th Applied Biosafety Meeting 22/08/2019 Bern, Switzerland Corinne Brana attending
Annual Meeting 2019 Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering 27/08/2019 Campus Biotech, Geneva Sponsor
7th Swiss Microscopy Core Facility Day 28/08/2019 Lausanne, Switzerland Laura Batti presenting
ICTALS 02/09/2019 Exeter, UK Attending
2nd International Congress on Mobile Devices and Seizure Detection in Epilepsy 06/09/2019 Lausanne, Switzerland Attending
Swiss Medtech Expo 10/09/2019 Luzern, Switzerland Olivier Coquoz and Claude Clement attending
Neuroscience 2019 19/10/2019 Chicago, US Attending
8th European & Swiss MD-PhD Conference 24/10/2019 Campus Biotech, Geneva Claude Clément presenting
Embedded Linux Conference Europe 28/10/2019 Lyon, France Sébastien Pernecker attending
BioAlps Networking Day 2019 29/10/2019 Monthey, Switzerland Sponsor
Light Sheet Microscopy Conference 2019 04/12/2019 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Laura Batti presenting

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