A round-up of neurotechnology conferences and events. 

For information on neuroscience seminar series taking place in the Lake Geneva region visit our seminar series page.

Coming Events

Events Date Location Wyss involvement
OrthoManufacture 09/04/2019 St-Etienne, France Claude Clement presenting
Distinguished Lectures in Neuroprosthetics, Nitish V. Thakor 16/04/2019 Auditorium, Campus Biotech Sponsor
Swiss Lightsheet Microscopy Workshop 24/04/2019 University of Zurich, Switzerland Partner
The 28th Medtech Investing Europe Conference 08/05/2019 Lausanne Claude Clement presenting
MedtechLIVE 21/05/2019 Nüremberg, Germany Claude Clement attending
Distinguished Lectures in Neuroprosthetics, Jeff Capadona 21/05/2019 Auditorium, Campus Biotech Sponsor
Swiss Medtech Day 06/06/2019 Bern Claude Clement attending
International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health 08/06/2019 University of Zurich, Switzerland Innovation sponsor
Distinguished Lectures in Neuroprosthetics, Jonathan Viventi 18/06/2019 Auditorium, Campus Biotech Sponsor
Neuroscience 2019 19/10/2019 Chicago, US Exhibitor

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