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New book explores how the human brain can overcome any condition

Our brains are more powerful than we ever realized

Neuroengineering summer school kicks off in Zermatt

Wyss Center program promotes collaboration between the next generation of neuroscientists and engineers

Wyss Center joins $19M project to engineer brain-computer interface network

The program will develop high-resolution, implantable neural interface network for new medical therapies.

Who is responsible if a brain-controlled robot drops a baby?

Neuroethics: Neurotech experts call for new measures to ensure brain-controlled devices are beneficial and safe

Wyss Center at INS 2017 in Edinburgh

Wyss Center attracts attention at the International Neuromodulation Society World Congress in Edinburgh

Wyss Center welcomes crowds at La Nuit des Musées

Bionic mannequins, dancing avatars and a robot arm captivated the public at Campus Biotech

Six storm home at Geneva Marathon

The Wyss Center’s six-person relay team stormed past the finish line beneath leaden skies at the Harmony Geneva Marathon for Unicef on Sunday.

Paralysed man restores arm function with brain controlled muscle stimulation

First recipient of implanted brain-recording and muscle-stimulating systems uses own arm for first time in eight years

Brain Awareness Week 2017

All this week we will be posting interviews with members of the Wyss Center as well as tweeting brain facts and info


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