Aurélien Lacombe

Technician | Platforms Team

Aurélien joined the Wyss Center in January 2017. He manages the operations and equipment in the histology and cell culture laboratory of the Preclinical Neuroscience Platform where he also provides training and develops techniques for neuroscience research.


Prior to joining the Wyss Center he acquired professional experience in molecular and cell biology at the Institut Claudius Régaud in Toulouse where he investigated the dialogue between the tumor epithelial cells and cancer associated fibroblast in colorectal cancer. He then worked in histology at Novartis (Basel) where he investigated the heterogeneity and resistance to a treatment in primary tumor xenograft.

He also had the opportunity to work in the department of pathology of the University Hospital of Basel where he continued to collaborate with Novartis in oncology research and where he gained further experience in histology and molecular biology.

Aurélien holds an MSc in Biosciences and Bioengineering applied to health from the University of Lorraine.