Jonas Zimmermann, PhD

Staff Neuroscientist  | Wyss Center Neurotechnology Experts

Jonas joined the Wyss Center in 2017 as staff neuroscientist. He facilitates pre-clinical studies of novel therapeutic methods and devices. He also has a keen interest in advanced neural data processing algorithms and supports various projects at the Wyss Center in this area.


Dr Zimmermann earned his PhD from Newcastle University (UK), working on spinal cord stimulation to restore movement. He brings more than ten years of experience both with human and animal neuroscience working with technologies as diverse as fMRI, multielectrode array recordings, optogenetic and electrical stimulation, and EEG.

As a scientist, Jonas aims to understand the intricate interplay between brain, spinal cord, and muscles to generate skilled hand movements. He wants to put this knowledge to good use and help people who have lost this ability due to disease or injury.