Jorge Morales, PhD

Implantable Materials Engineer | Wyss Center Neurotechnology Experts

Jorge Morales joined the Wyss Center in August 2016 as an implantable materials engineer. He brings experience in biocompatible materials for protecting microelectronic devices and he is responsible for the technological development of implantable device packaging and testing of novel prototypes developed by the Wyss Center and partner institutions.


He received his engineering degree in Materials Science from the Department of Applied Chemistry of Kyushu University, Japan, in 2010. He then completed a double international master in Functional Advanced Materials and Engineering at the University of Augsburg (Germany) and the Grenoble Institute of Technology (France).

He holds a PhD from the Université Grenoble Alpes where he conducted a joint research project between CEA-LETI and CEA-Clinatec on biocompatible materials for encapsulation of medical micro devices.

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