Laura de Vevey

Administrative and Communications Assistant | Operations Team

Laura joined the Wyss Center as Administrative and Communications assistant in April 2019.

She works closely with the Media and Public Relations Manager in order to manage internal and external communications of the Wyss Center. She also works as an Administrative Assistant, supporting the team in the daily management of the administration and the general running of the office.

Laura is interested in making science accessible for everyone, building a bridge between neuroscience research and the public, for both children and adults, in order to avoid misinformation and to encourage people to become more involved.


Laura studied Biology at the University of Geneva, and then obtained her Masters in Neurosciences at the Geneva University Neurocenter. In parallel to her studies, she was involved in scientific communication through scientific mediation and teaching.

After her studies, she worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Geneva, investigating the role of several microRNAs in neocortical development. She also worked in a science museum and at the bioscope of the University of Geneva as a science explainer, increasing her involvement in scientific communication.