Valérian Ruhaut

Maintenance Engineer | Platforms Team

Valérian Ruhaut joined the Wyss Center as a Maintenance Engineer in October 2017.

He is responsible for the maintenance of cleanroom equipment used in the production of prototypes and new devices within the neural microsystems platform at the Wyss Center. He also provides support and training for users and has set up preventive monitoring of equipment.


Valérian was previously a Maintenance Engineer at CSEM, where he worked on the fabrication of microelectromechanical systems (MEMs) prototypes for a broad range of applications including microfluidic and optical devices. Valérian also worked on the installation of the new clean room at CSEM.

Prior to CSEM he worked at the CMi technological platform, an ISO 5 cleanroom at EPFL, which is open to numerous labs and professionals in the MEMs industry, where he trained users on several pieces of equipment used in microfabrication.