The Wyss Center provides access to four advanced neuroscience and engineering platforms, as well as the integrated clinical, regulatory and business resources required to guide high risk, high return projects on their journey from research to product.

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Human Neuroscience

The Human Neuroscience Platform provides advanced equipment and technical support to read out signals from the human nervous system and perturb its circuits, as well as a set of tools to measure behavior.

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Preclinical Neuroscience

The Preclinical Neuroscience Platform enables the testing of materials, devices and investigation of neural mechanisms.

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Neural Microsystems

The Neural Microsystems Platform provides a cutting edge environment in which novel neurotechnologies, such as flexible electronics or novel neural sensors can be developed.

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System Integration

The System Integration Platform brings together individual components to create complex neurotechnology systems. The platform fits between pre-clinical analysis and full clinical trials in humans, and guides Wyss Center projects on their journey from concept to market.

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Our platforms

The Wyss Center, together with Campus Biotech, supports four major research platforms; two in engineering: Neural microsystems and System integration, and two in neuroscience: Human neuroscience and Preclinical neuroscience.

These platforms support the entire pipeline of neurotechnology development from prototype device through human pilot testing. Each platform has a number of core facilities that provide advanced technology and staff to enable state of the art basic and translational research.

Platforms are available to Campus Biotech researchers, Wyss partners, and outside entities.

An integrated approach to innovation

The highly integrated research platforms support the design, development and commercial translation of advanced neurotechnology including microsystems, computation, robotics, interfaces, gene therapy, translation and business.

The platforms act as innovation hubs for Wyss supported projects and the integrated resources accelerate the translation of concepts into clinical solutions.

Each platform is staffed with experienced technical experts who train and support users and maintain links with academic and industrial partners, extending the Wyss Center’s capabilities, and ensuring our researchers have access to state of the art research and engineering tools.

Use our platforms

All platforms are available for use in Wyss Center projects or on a fee for service basis to academic and commercial organizations. Please contact the platform managers directly for further information about fee for service use.

Wyss Center-supported projects include access to the platforms.

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