The Wyss Center supports projects that transform neurotechnology research ideas into clinical solutions. We offer access to the latest technology development platforms, as well as the expertise of the Wyss Center Neurotechnology Experts, to accelerate neurotechnology to the marketplace and help people with nervous system disorders live independent lives.

Featured Projects

Interactive brain

Explore our interactive brain for an overview of how neurotechnology could help solve brain disorders. For more detail on our projects see our current program areas.


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High risk, high reward projects

The Wyss Center develops high risk, high reward technology-linked solutions to treat or diagnose nervous system disorders. We create prototype devices suitable for humans and then support initial human clinical trials to accelerate the path to commercialization.

Current program areas

  • Movement restorationBionic nervous system to restore hand function, communication and walking
  • Stroke rehabilitation – Precision stroke rehabilitation with novel integrated neurotechnology and robotics
  • Brain circuits – A minimally invasive diagnostic and therapy platform for epilepsy, dyslexia and tinnitus
  • Advanced technology projects:
    • Flexible electrodes
    • Brain on a chip – High throughput in vitro human ‘mini-brains’ for testing new microelectrode materials and geometries
    • Geneva array – novel multielectrode interface

Repairing the nervous system with technology

Neurotechnology describes devices that can interact with the nervous system. Translating neurotechnology from the laboratory into clinical and commercial products has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of neurological diseases and disorders including paralysis as a result of stroke or trauma, pain, epilepsy, neuromuscular disease, motor neurone disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

brain sensors
Artist’s impression of the Geneva Array

Creating effective neurotechnologies depends upon knowledge and skill from neuroscience, engineering and clinical medicine to recognise credible innovations, build and test prototypes then advance them to early stage human clinical trials.

This process requires clinical input, regulatory and business expertise from the very early stages to ensure sound design, feasible implementation for human use and commercial viability.

The Wyss Center combines these interdisciplinary skills with platforms equipped with state of the art infrastructure to enable the research and development needed to create and test cutting edge neurotechnology.

Artist’s impression of a microelectrode array recording from neurons – five times thinner than a human hair



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