Thursday, December 6, 2018, Campus Biotech, H8 Auditorium

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Neurotechnology for human benefit

8:30-9:00 am Registration and breakfast, by the auditorium

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Translating neuroscience concepts to real world applications

9:00 am Wyss Center overview
John Donoghue, Director, Wyss Center

9:30 am  Developing core neural interface technology: 1) Neurocomm – Methodologies for translation of wireless implants 
Olivier Coquoz and Ainara Bujanda-Cundin, Wyss Center

09:45 am Developing core neural interface technology: 2) EPIOS
George Kouvas, Wyss Center

Advanced Technology Program

Session moderator: Tracy Laabs

10:00 am Advanced Technology Program
Alain Woodtli, Wyss Center

10:20 am Networking break

10:40 am Brain on a Chip and Geneva Array technologies
Marc Heuschkel and Luc Stoppini, HEPIA/HES-SO

11:05 am Translation of eDura technology to human use
Stéphanie Lacour, EPFL

Movement Restoration Program: Brain interface applications

Session moderator: Claude Clément

11:30 am High resolution recording in epilepsy: IN-MAP clinical trial at HUG
Pierre Mégevand, HUG/UNIGE

11:55 am KIAP BCI clinical trial for communication with locked-in patients
Ujwal Chaudhary and Niels Birbaumer, Wyss Center

12:15 pm Enhancing non-invasive brain-computer interfaces for communication in people with locked-in syndrome by combining high-density EEG and self-calibrating algorithms
Tomislav Milekovic, UNIGE

12:35 pm Lunch and continued discussions

1:35 pm Brain-spine interface for paralysis
Marco Capogrosso, UniFribourg

2:00 pm xMotion: Face-worn interfaces to help people with severe paralysis regain independence
Feran Galan, UNIGE

Brain Circuits Program: EPIOS applications – Seizure monitoring, neurofeedback, neuromodulation

Session moderator: George Kouvas

2:35 pm Long term epilepsy monitoring in clinical practice
Maxime Baud, Wyss Center and Bern University Hospital

3:00 pm Physiological regulation of tinnitus using fMRI and EEG
Dimitri Van De Ville, EPFL/UNIGE

3:25 pm tACS for treating dyslexia
Anne-Lise Giraud, UNIGE

3:10 pm Networking break

Precision Stroke Rehabilitation with Neurotechnology

Session moderator: Tracy Laabs

4:10 pm A clinically relevant primate model of subcortical stroke to develop corticospinal rehabilitation technologies
Jocelyne Bloch, CHUV

4:35 pm Changing the paradigm of stroke rehabilitation with technology
Friedhelm Hummel, EPFL

5:00 pm Rehabilitation robots for upper limb rehabilitation in stroke
Silvestro Micera, EPFL

Wyss Center Platform Highlight

Session moderator: Benoit Dubuis

5:25 pm Advanced Lightsheet lmaging Center (ALICe): Development of a full service imaging platform – from sample clarification to 3D VR visualization
Stéphane Pagès and Laura Batti, UNIGE/Wyss Center

5:50 pm Closing remarks
Hansjörg Wyss, Guest of Honor, Chairman of the Wyss Center Executive Board

Follow up conversations, reception 

All welcome!

We would like to extend the invitation to all Campus Biotech researchers. Registration has now closed but you are still welcome to join us. Please email before the end of Monday 3 December if you would like lunch.